Potential outfits for Anime Revolution !

Hello everyone !

Only 5 weeks left before Anime Revolution and I am slowly getting ready for the convention !

I am not your typical convention guest – or that pretty cosplayer with the perfect costume, make up, wig and shoes and who’s walking around all day with an aura of confidence and the perfect smile for hallway photos… I am the tomboy type, the hard working girl that honnestly, prefer to trouble-shooting at an event than to be in the spotlight. Let’s face it, I’ve had trouble all my life to wear dresses or anything girly – and don’t talk to me about putting make up and comb my hair! But I have been working (and trying) extra hard lately to prepare an appropriate “image” for the convention and make myself worthy of the attention. I have carefully selected different outfits that I hope are representing WHO I AM and that are making me feel comfortable during the whole week-end.

Here they are:

1. This is part of a new collection at Fansplusfriend and I consider it like a Goth Loli Chinese-inspired outfit. I’ve bought the gloves on Ebay and the headpiece on Fansplusfriends as well separately. I intend to wear this outfit during ANIMUSICA – my jpop show.

2. We have called this outfit the “Dragon Kimono” because of the dragons on the arm and the front piece. It’s a favorite among my friends – perhaps because it reveals more skin ;) Bought on eBay. There are other colors if you look for the same design. I’ll probably wear this outfit the Friday or the Saturday of the con.


3. My superb Lolita Kimono from Fansplusfriend that I bought back in 2010 for Otakuthon. The colors and craftmanship of this costume are just spectacular. I plan on wearing this Saturday during the special Sailor Moon event !