New Horizons – Theme Song for Heileen 3 (Tycoon Games / Matthew Myers)

The news has been circulating around the internet for quite some time now but I never got around my own website to make the official announcement  >_<

Heileen“, “Heileen 2” and soon to be released “Heileen 3” are visual novel games for PC that were developped by Tycoon Games (Winter Wolves Games). Set during the 17th Century, it’s the story of a young naive English girl who embarks on a ship with friends and family to begin a journey to the “New World”. The ship gets lost at sea and Heileen eventually ends up on a deserted tropical island. In order to survive, she must get along with unusual friends, including a talking cat, and use magic tarot cards. Later on, she begins a new life as a pirate where she’ll find aventure, love and romance – and perhaps her true destiny.

In order to conclude the Heileen story arc, the game developper commissioned a theme song to 2EastMusic‘s music composer Matthew Myers - also known as the mastermind behind the famous LEETSTREETBOYS .

***drum rolls***

And I was chosen to be the vocalist for the song :-)

I was not really expecting this – being super busy at the time with Anime North Idol and my preparations for Anime Revolution. It was a very nice surprise and a huge confidence booster. Afterall, I had been singing for over a decade but never got to the point where anyone would have considered me for “professional” singing (and it’s not because I haven’t tried before…)

Unlike recording “covers”, working on original material takes time, adjustments – and the client’s approval. But I am happy to report that the song is almost completed as we are now busy tweaking harmonies and such. Matt has been absolutely amazing and working miracles with the song arrangements and mixing, despite my francophone accent ;)

I am also excited to announce that I will perform “NEW HORIZONS” live at ANIMUSICA, my jpop & anime performance at Anime Revolution on August 19th at 2:00pm.

New Horizons and Heileen 3 will eventually be released online and the song, on iTunes – possibly around Christmas 2012. I shall make an update when I’ll have more info.

Meanwhile… I will have another announcement to make soon. Stay Tuned ;-)