Anime Revolution is… tomorrow!

Hello everyone !

I am currently packing up for Anime Revolution as we speak. So much to do in so little time !

Although it is not my first time singing live at a convention, the show “Animusica” at AR will be my very first solo performance. I am overwhelmed with feelings of excitement, bliss, happiness but also… fear and anxiety. I have worked extremely hard in the last few months, rehearsing non-stop to learn several musical numbers in Japanese and in English and to be ready for this special day. Although the convention is covering some of the basics of my stay (food, lodging…) I am not paid to perform – nor are most of the Guests that are coming from the Fandom. I am doing this because I love to sing and share my passion of Jpop and Anime music.

And I believe I am doing pretty good at it.

I am not Japanese and I don’t pretend to be one. I am my own person with my own voice – and I hope you can come to my show and enjoy what I have to offer.

Also, I was asked several times to provide photos for autograph sessions in past events. However, prints are expensive to make (between $3 and $4 each – if you don’t believe me, look around for the cost of 8 x 10 enlargments…). This is why my Anime Revolution prints are for sale at $5 with only 20 available for purchase. I will be the most happy girl in the world if you come talk to me during the week-end.

In the meantime, I have to go. I may be able to rehearse a little bit more after I put my daughter to bed…

See you at the con.

Happy Anime Revolution !

Irulanne :-)