Performance at the New Year Party of the Japanese Community of Calgary

I  was invited to perform and sing at the traditional CJCA New Year Party in Calgary.

The first song was “Bara wa Utsukuchiku Chiru” from the anime Versailles no Bara.

The second song was “Ettou Tsubame”, a classic from Mori Masako, a popular Japanese idol of the 70s.

My performance was very well received by the audience although my singing was not optimal. During the soundcheck, everything was fine but when I returned in the evening, all I could hear was the karaoke blasting into the speakers. In order to hear myself sing, I had to push my voice a bit more than I like to. But you know, The Show Must Go On!

You can watch a video recording of Ettou Tsumabe on youtube.

Enjoy! :)