Calgary Omatsuri 2014 ~ Running the show (Take 2)

Once again, I was the director of Entertainment for the Calgary Japanese Festival Omatsuri.

(I was also in charge of the website and the Facebook page, but that’s another story)

The Omatsuri was held on Saturday August 23rd at the Bowness Community Centre; a brand new location for our growing festival (+5000 attendees).

Throughout the year, I worked my butt off in order to be able to accommodate and schedule >100 performers, including singers, dancers, martial art artists, a pantomime from Japan, taiko drummers and so on! During the day, I was mostly in charge of the stage while my volunteers and helpers extraordinaire were managing the martial art demo area and the dressing rooms.

Even though the weather was a bit cold and windy, the festival was successful beyond expectation; the day went by super quickly and without major hitch.

I was able to sing a few songs during the day: I opened the programing with Asu to iu hi ga” (from Rimi Natsukawa), Blue Bird (from Ikimonogakari) and Kokoro no Kakera (theme song of PS3 game Ni No Ku Ni).



Unfortunately, this was my last year running the outdoor programing and entertainment. Being involved at that level is a lot of work – and I now found it hard to deal with the drama associated with running events and the constant trouble-shooting. We have decided that we would take a vacation next summer and go to France to visit my husband extended family – who are lovely and charming people. If next year’s Omatsuri do not overlap with our trip, I might end up singing there again. Who knows! :)