Anime North Idol

Anime North Idol 2013 is this week-end!

Once again, I am in charge of Canada’s biggest Jpop and anime singing competition: Anime North Idol.

The event is this coming Saturday May 25th at the main event room at DoubleTree Hotel. We will have an audition session in the morning and the grand finale in the afternoon from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Our celebrity judges this year are singing teacher Elana Laing, music producer and DJ Initial P as well as Extreme Anime Radio DJ Nef Canuck.

Ex-Pinku Project member Berry Risa will be performing the opening number.

Also, don’t miss the performance of our 2012 Idol winner Michelle at the convention Opening ceremony (Friday at 4:00 pm). She will sing again at the finale while the judges are delibarating to pick our new idol!

Please come and cheers for all our finalists! :)

PS: For those who may be wondering why I won’t be singing, I made the decision to reduce my stress levels for this year and better enjoy myself during the convention. As a singer, I am constantly worried about the condition of my voice, the Japanese lyrics of my song(s), confidence and look on stage and what-not. It is not easy to be a performer while being in charge of an event with a team of +10 staff members, VIP judges and 7 very nervous finalists :) I don’t require the spotlight at all costs. I am not that kind of person. A successful event with lots of happy people is all I want :)


Irulanne to be featured on “Background Noise” on the Extreme Anime Radio!


Tune in on the Extreme Anime Radio next Monday May 20th at 8:00 pm ET to listen to BACKGROUND NOISE !

Hosted by DJ NefCanuck, the show will feature several of my anime and pop song covers that I recorded through out the years.

This is so awesome! I remember back a decade ago when I was listening to their stream via Live365 (when it was free ^^’), I had very slow internet at that time and it was basically the only way for me to listen to anime songs!

I hope to “see” you there on Monday!

Meanwhile, I am getting ready for Anime North and the Idol event, which I am running once again.

Anime North Idol 2012 – Rules & Guidelines available !

Once again, I have the pleasure and honor to be the Director of Canada’s biggest anime and jpop singing competition : Anime North Idol !

Clicking on the logo above will bring you to the page, and then direct you to the set of Rules & Guidelines for the competition.

Note that we are always on the look out for more staff and team members – and sometimes Judges too !

Send any inquiries or questions to animenorthidol @ !