HomeM@de: Irulanne – Songs uploaded !

The songs from the compilation CD “HomeM@ade:Irulanne” have been uploaded ! Discover this CD, which was somehow a transition between my old recordings and my new mixing/editing skills ! As always, all the songs can be downloaded in the DOWNLOADS section ! The best ones are featured on the HALL OF FAMES mp3 player in the side bar !

HomeM@de: Irulanne


Songs from album “CodeName wa: Irulanne” uploaded !

Very first solo album from Irulanne.

Contain 10 songs that were recorded in a -real- studio (Revoluson) while the 4 others were recorded at home.

Released in early  2006 and was a prelude to “Irulanne & Friends”.

CodeName was: Irulanne (Second Edition Cover Art)