Fighter4Luv Fandub – Sailor Stars Episode 9 (#175) – Check out the ending! :)

For more information, refer to my previous post about the fandub!

Fighter4Luv Fandub – Sailor Stars Episode 9 (#175) – Check out the opening!

The fandubbing group Fighter4Luv finaly decided to use my [new and improved] recording of the English version of the Sailor Stars Theme for their latest release!

You may like it or not, it is a very tough song to cover – and there is no karaoke available without the Japanese backvocals so whatever you do in terms of mixing/editing, it will always sound weird. Plus my French accent, but that, can’t do much about it :) Still, I worked pretty hard on the song so… enjoy!

I highly recommend you “liked” the Facebook page of Fighter4Luv to see the videos.


Chorale Sailor Production – Supreme Sailor Moon – Doublage/Fandub

Des anciennes doubleuses de Chorale Sailor Production se sont réunies pour la toute première fois en plusieurs années pour enregistrer des répliques pour le doublage amateur de la séquence d’une animation amateure de Sailor Moon “Supreme Sailor Moon” réalisée par Stefano Lanttazio. De dernier est reconnu sur youtube (avec 5.4 M de views!!) pour la qualité superbe de ses animations sur une 6ième série imaginaire de Sailor Moon.

Après de longues heures passées derrière le micro, j’ai pu réaliser le montage de la séquence et finir avec un doublage ma foi, très amusant :)

Qui sait, c’est peut-être le début d’une nouvelle aventure!!! :)

Notez que vous pouvez joindre la page FACEBOOK de Chorale Sailor Production ou sont tous les vidéo (ou presque) des activités de doublage de l’équipe.

Fighter4Luve Fandub – Ending credit theme “My Best Friends” (Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto…)

After the Sailor Stars opening theme, I worked on the English translation of the Sailor Stars ending theme “Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto…” renamed “My Best Friends”. I have recorded a “credit version” and a “final episode version”. Corey Tsukino, the manager of the fandub, released a teaser a few days ago on the Facebook page of the fandub. Once again, the response has been phenomenal, beyond my expectations. Enjoy the video!


Sailor Stars Theme teaser (English) for Sailor Moon Fandub “Fighter4Luv”

Few months ago, I contacted Corey Tsukino, the person in charge of FIGHTER4LUV, a team dedicated to fandub the episodes of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. As a huge Sailor Moon fan and eager to get involved in such an amazing fandub project, I offered my services as a vocalist for the songs of the show. Without hesitation, Corey handed me translations for the Sailor Stars theme and the ending theme “Kaze me Sora mo Kitto…”. Well, this morning, the song was released on their facebook page as a teaser for the next episode and was greeted with awesome comments. I was really happy ^^; The song itself was extremely challenging and I worked really hard on the mixing. I will shortly start recording the ending theme, renamed “My best Friend”. ENJOY!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars – doublages en francais/French fandubbing :)

Several years ago, I was highly involved in fandubbing. I had created Chorale Sailor Production back in 2000 and with the help of an extensive team, we dubbed several Sailor Moon episodes (and other anime) and were involved in several other projects in the fandom, including contests and singing. Some of CSP’s fandubs are over 10 years old now and we’ve posting them in a Facebook group created for the occasion. I will start posting embed videos of these fandubs on my website every other week from today. Enjoy :)

Il y a plusieurs années, j’étais très impliquée dans le doublage amateur. J’avais créé Chorale Sailor Production en 2000 et avec l’aide d’une équipe solide et nombreuse, nous avons doublé (de facon amateur) plusiers épisodes de la série Sailor Moon (en plus de d’autres animes) et nous étions impliqué dans plusieurs projets de concours et de chansons. Plusieurs des doublages ont fêté leur 10e anniversaire et nous les avons tous posté sur une page Facebook pour souligner l’occasion. Ils seront postés sur ma page web un par un au courant des prochaines semaines. Amusez vous bien :)

Sailor Moon ~ Sailor Stars Episode 200 (final) – Part 1

Irulanne’s cover of Sailor Moon’s CARRY ON also available for download :)

Few months ago, CHORALE SAILOR PRODUCTION was reborn for the fandub of the battle between Queen Beryl against Princess Serenity. I recorded the song CARRY ON with the karaoke generously provided by friend musician Philip Rivard who had recreated the music especially for my Sailor Moon 20th anniversary panel performance :)

The fandub is available on youtube, as well as the live performance(s) of the song. You can also download my cover on the DOWNLOAD page of this site ^_^

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