Irulanne’s SMILE SMILE SMILE – a Pinkie Pie song from My Little Pony :)

I have finally completed my cover of SMILE from the My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic TV show.

That you like the show or not doesn’t really matter ! The song is really good and catchy and I think I did a marvelous job with the mixing, the harmonies and the chorus at the end !

The mp3 of the song can be downloaded here !!!

Credits goes to:
Song: Daniel Ingram
Karaoke: MandoPony
Vocals and mixing: Irulanne
Backvocals: Irulanne & Mark Nguyen
Spoken Pinkie Pie: heckshotstuff1

There are two versions: An audio only version – and a full video/fandub version. Both are below !

Random French Fandub CLIPS ! / Clips de doublages Francophone amateurs !

While I am uploading various videos from our French fandubs (2000-2005), here’s a montage featuring several clips from some of our fandubs at the time !
Pendant que je mets sur le serveur différents vidéos de nos anciens doublages amateurs, voici un montage de plusieurs clips tirés de différentes sources de toutes nos équipes !
[hdplay id=6]