Going back to the Sailor Moon musical!

It is completely by coincidence that I will be returning to Tokyo in October this year to catch the newest Sailor Moon Musical :)

This is so exciting! I was there for Marina Kuroki’s first musical as Sailor Moon in 2001. I was also there for Satomi Okubo’s first musical as Sailor Moon in 2013. I will also be there for Hotaru’s first musical as Sailor Moon in 2016. When I was in Japan back in January, the amount of Sailor Moon stuff in stores was phenomenal. With the success of Sailor Moon Crystal 3, the continuous Sailor Moon cafés around Japan and this upcoming musical, I am afraid I will Sailor Moon’d myself to death during this new trip ! :)

More information coming soon.

RocketNews24 – My Japan Wish Contest Entry!

After my husband and a friend decided to enter the Rocketnews24’s “My Japan Wish” contest, I decided to submit and entry as well :)

You can visit the website here. If you want to participate, you have until April 20th 2015. READ THE RULES!

Here’s my video. I hope it will make you smile :)