Montreal Comic Con

Week-end at the Montreal Comic Con 2012 !

The Montreal Comic Con

Last week-end (Sept 14-16 2012) the whole family went down to the Montreal Comic Con to lend a help at the event! – yes because really, I just can’t go to a con and not help or perform ^__^

[sarcasm mode ON/] and contrary to other “people” outthere, we just don’t show up at cons and expect to be treated like Rock Stars all the time [sarcasm mode /OFF]…)

Mark and myself were put in charge of introducing a few Guests and MC-ing their Q&A if need be. We were also given a room to present Mark’s infamous BRONY panel – which of course was extremely popular. And the cherry on top was Mark being invited to the improv comedy show BATTLE-COM where he went against some JUST FOR LAUGHS veterans!

Basically, we helped introduce Johnny Young Bosh (and his bandmate Maurice from Eyeshine), Jonh De Lancie, Aaron Ashmore, Laura Vandervoort and Kevin Sorbo. We had the most fun with Kevin Sorbo who was pretty funny and friendly. Of course, the week-end was also a good time to meet with old and new friends and network with other convention chairs and execs.

From what we’ve seen, the convention was a huge success and the staff very helpful :) We’d go back anytime !

Mark and Irulanne introducing a very tall Kevin Sorbo :)

Irulanne studying her facts about one of the guest...

Mark and his improv mates after the BATTLE-COM improv performance.

Mark with John De Lancie at the BRONY Panel

Maurice from Eyeshine giving Kara some drumming lessons !