Papillon Rose

New cover: Hikari no Kizuna (Lingerie Fighter Papillon Rose)

I have wanted to cover that song for the longest time!

I was a fan of the original “fan-made” Papillon Rose anime (~2004) which was a very candid parody of Sailor Moon, Versailles No Bara and Utena. The concept was licensed and a new team created a TV series of 6 episodes. This new anime was poorly received due to the low quality of the animation and a shallow storyline. “Papillon Rose” quickly dissapeared from the radar and was never heard of again.

Just like most people, I did not enjoyed the TV series but I really enjoyed the new and catchy opening theme “Hikari no Kizuna” performed by Kaoru Kido. I kept the karaoke file for almost a decade until I decided that I had the vocal range to finally cover that song properly (I tried many times before but failed to produce satisfying vocals).

ENJOY :)))