Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon La Reconquista – Day 1 (of 2)

I have been a die-hard fan of Sailor Moon since the very beginning. I was fortunate enough to attend the musicals “SeraMyu” back in 2001 and 2002 – but three years later, the musical production was put on indefinite hiatus. I had always promised myself that I would go back to Japan in an instant if they would revive the Sailor Moon musicals. And in early 2013 they finally did, so I returned to the land of the Rising Sun last month with my whole family. Actually, we were *supposed* to travel to Japan sometime in 2013 anyway, as we had won a two-way flight to Japan from Calgary with an Air Canada contest! We just hadn’t picked out dates yet when the new musical was announced. The dates worked out perfectly, and we were able to schedule our two-week long trip to Japan at the same time as the ten-day run of the Sailor Moon musical.

Everything was going according to plan… Until the friend of mine who had purchased our original set of pre-order tickets had a family emergency, and had to leave Japan in a hurry. The tickets were then sent in the mail so we could pick them up later on from one of our family members who was already working in Japan. Days, then weeks went by and the tickets were nowhere to be found. As we arrived and were enjoying our first week in Japan (Osaka, Kyoto…), I grew more and more nervous that our tickets may have been lost in the mail for good. And then back in Tokyo (after the typhoon!), I made the decision that if our tickets were really lost, I had to find a way to attend the show somehow, someway, before we were scheduled to return to Canada. This is why in the early afternoon of  Wednesday September 18th, we dropped everything  and headed to the Aiia Theater in Shibuya to talk to people there to 1) try to attend a show, hoping it wouldn’t be sold out; and 2) to see if there was anything we could do about our lost tickets.

We arrived at the Aiia Theater and it was obviously closed. But then a few minutes later, a young woman came by and was also waiting around in the parking lot. As it looked like she may perhaps be on staff or crew (!!!) we approached her and asked if she could help…  She replied that she was in the cast, and would try to help us out. We asked who she was and she replied that she was… The actor for NEPHLITE! What a shock! Her English was very good, and after inquiring with the staff she explained that tonight`s show was *not* sold out, and that if we would come back one hour before the show, we would easily get tickets. She then introduced us to the actor playing ZOICITE, and they offered to sign our flyer and take a picture with me and my daughter Kara.

Reassured, we then left the theater to spend the rest of the afternoon in Shibuya, which became increasingly busy by late afternoon. We then returned around 5:30 pm to line up at the ticket desk as people gathered for the performance. We were then surprised to discover that Eric, a French Sailor Moon fan that I knew from the early 2000s, was also there at the same time as us! He had already seen the show few days before (and like me, saw previous SeraMyu back in the early 2000s) and was looking to see if he could get more merchandise, as some stuff had sold out the previous nights. We spent the next hour talking about the good old times of Sailor Moon fandom.

When the doors opened, we were first in line and I was able to buy two tickets (one for me, one for my daughter Kara – at 6800 Yen each, OUCH) and made my way inside to buy a few program books, posters and a light stick for Kara.

Eric and Mark left as they had other things to do, and Mark promised to come pick me up after the show. We made our way into the theater – which seemed a bit smaller than the Ikebukuro theater back in the day. We were in Row 19, almost in the back but situated in a way that Kara had no one in front of her, so we had a full view of the stage – and as it happened, a staffer noticed her and was able to get some cushions that would allow her to see even better. As previously told, the show was not sold out. Around us, there was at least 15 empty seats… Kara was the only child in the audience – mostly consisting of older women coming to the show after a day at the office, and a very few non-Japanese. No cosplay or anything like that, although some of the other foreigners were wearing Sailor Moon t-shirts or other memorabilia.

Several reviews of La Reconquista have been posted online already – plus the whole show with subtitles has been shared on torrent and posted on youtube. I would insist that actually *being there* is not the same as looking at it on a computer screen – it is a better experience overall. ;)

So I won’t review or summarize the story of the show but my personal comments would be that I really liked the songs and musics, the costumes and the story. Like most people, it took me a moment to get used to a female Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen/Endymion but after a while, I didn’t even notice it anymore. There were times where Satomi-Moon’s singing made me cringe a bit but she played a very good Usagi so it was easy to forgive. The acting was never “over-the-top” (as it was in some of the previous SeraMyu) and I really appreciated that. Kara also really enjoyed the show as well, although she was a bit scared when Queen Beryl would act and sing all evil ;)

(I also bought 2 posters and a light stick)

After three hours, the show ended and we all came out. Members of Yuga Yamato (Mamoru)’s fanclub were there and they patiently waited for her to come out and say their thank-yous and goodbyes – Yamato-san is a member of the Takarakuza all-female theatre troupe and has her own legion of fans beyond this musical. After this, I stood outside with Kara for almost an hour (as Mark was late coming back from the improv workshop he had gone to attend), when suddenly most of the cast came out through the back door. Coro (Nephlite) saw me and Kara, and came to ask if I liked the show and was (obviously) able to get tickets – it was then that the rest of the cast also joined in to say “hi” to Kara and give her a few “high fives”. I was speechless and utterly shocked that they were all there (minus Moon), introducing themselves to me and Kara. Unfortunately (for now), I didn’t have the camera nor a phone so I couldn’t take any photos. I told them that we were from Canada, we really liked the show and we were hoping to be back on Friday, providing we were able to get our original tickets on time. Nephlite asked to add me on Facebook, and then they left as a group. Mark arrived shortly afterwards and we finally headed back to our rental suite, tired but content. I had seen the show once… I could sleep in peace now!

To be Continued…

My daughter Kara at Animethon 20 – Little cosplay Princess :)

Two weeks ago, I tagged along The 404s Improv Comedy group to Edmonton’s premiere anime convention Animethon!

I hadn’t been to Animethon in over 3 years! This week-end was the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the event – and also the return of my husband Mark Nguyen as MC for the big events such as the Opening/Closing Ceremonies and the Cosplay Contest.

Speaking of Cosplay Contest, I had planned for weeks to enter my daughter Kara in the new Junior Category and have her debut in the awesome world of Cosplay. After modifying her original Sailor Moon costume to fit her 3 year old body (she first wear the costume when she was 6 months old), I also made a full size “Moon Wand” using clay, paint and jewels from Michaels. We practiced her little “skit” for about a week to make sure she would be ready for the big stage.

Kara started to go to conventions and expos when she was 5 months old and never really stopped. She’s used to big crowds, long days, the noise, the costumes… and she’s hard to keep off the stage, especially when her mom or her dad are on it :)

Participating in the Cosplay Contest was just another milestone in her fantastic journey.

Being as photogenic as she is, it wasn’t long before she was swarmed by Animethon’s top photographers.

When she was called on stage as Entry #17, she immediately won the audience with her cute smile and strong “Moon Healing Activation”.  She did so well, and she knew it. We knew she would win something – and not just the “junior” prize. I was extremely proud, to say the least. Kara’s reputation was made. She was now a little cosplay star.


The Cosplay Awards were given at the Closing Ceremonies. Kara won FAN FAVORITE and once again was able to do her little skit in front of a thousand people. It was magic and the audience responded accordingly. Once again, I was overwhelmed by pride to see my tiny little girl owned the stage like she did. She’s definitively gonna be a performer later in life :)


SeraMyu is back… and I am going :)

We all heard about the new Sailor Moon anime… and then, we were all sadden when we learned that it would be delayed.

I was even more sadden because I had planned a trip to Japan between September and November 2013 and was hoping to be IN Japan while the airing of the new anime – and be able to buy all the cool new stuff.

But Sailor Moon fans were not prepared for the following announcement that the Sailor Moon Musicals (aka SeraMyu) would be returning as well! A story about the Dark Kingdom and an all new cast at an all new venue (Aiia Theater in Shibuya).

THIS COMING SEPTEMBER!!! And furthermore, the first wave of tickets would be on sale the next day!!!

My theory is that this new musical had been planned for quite some time and was supposed to match the release of the new anime. However, because of the booking of the venue and all the staff and performers under contract, delaying the musical was impossible.

Way before I was a Jpop singer, I was a die-hard fan of the Sailor Moon Musicals. I had a very well known Sailor Moon website in French ( including a significant SeraMyu section. Only old fans remember that I went to Japan in the summer of 2001 and 2002 and attended the musicals. I was 24 and 25 years old at the time and these trips were extraordinary experiences.


There was NO WAY I could let this new musical pass by and not being part of the fun. Within a few hours of the announcement, I contacted one of my friend in Japan and kindly asked him to reserve a few tickets for the whole family – which he successfully did. I will be attending the new musical Friday September 20th at 7:00 pm with my daughter, my husband, one of his cousin who’s currently teaching English in Japan – and my friend. I will be spending 2 weeks in Japan and this will definitively be the highlight of my vacation there. I.can’t.wait.

If you’d like to know about all the latest details about this new musical (and Sailor Moon in general), you can follow a few people on twitter such as: @moonkittynet @OsabuP_english @missdreamsubs @moonchaseblog @SMObss
(PS: Not all these people are working together but they all are very active in the fandom and are a very good source of information)

* * *

I need to add this because I am pretty sure I will get requests to purchase SeraMyu marchandises from fans who unfortunately can’t attend the musical. I aquired lots of SeraMyu marchandises in the past because some people were kind enough to spend the time to go to the SeraMyu theater and buy the marchandises there for me. That’s also how I got a few posters (you had to preorder the VHS at the theater in order to qualify to get a poster). Therefore, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to grab a few things for fellow fans. However, I am not gonna do it on my own cost and own trouble (afterall, I have to carry my own stuff and take care of a toddler while in Japan).

Anyone who would like me to grab SeraMyu marchandises will have to:

1. Send me an advance of $150 US through paypal before my departure to Japan.
$100 will serve as cash to purchase stuff (program book, CD, flyer, cards – at my discretion) and $50 for my time and trouble in carrying everything back with me to Canada. There will be no extra profit added to your marchandises. You pay what it costed me at the theater to purchase the things)

2. Accept to pay the balance for shipping/handling once I get back to Canada (if all the items + shipping exceed $100) within the next 30 days of my return. I will also have to declare the value of the marchandises to be twice the actual amount so we can be both insured in case the package is lost* – therefore, you may (or not) have to pay a little bit extra in custom taxes if parcel is ship outside of Canada.

3. If you are unable to pay the possible balance for shipping/handling before 30 days, the marchandises will be considered “unwanted” and only partially paid for and I will sell or dispose of it as I see fit.

I may or may not buy a few extra items to sell later (eBay or else). It will depends on how much money I will carry on me, and the marchandises available for sale and its value for resell.

Email me at irulanne @ if you have any questions!

Thank you :)

* Let’s say I bought a program book for $50. I will insure its value to be $100, so if the package is lost, you get your $50 back and I get $50. In 2002, US Post services lost a fankan VHS I had shipped to a lady in Florida. I was reumbursed for $40 which I sent back to the fan in Florida, however I was not reumbursed for the lost of the tape which I had bought in Japan. This is my way to get around the flaws in the postal system.





Chorale Sailor Production – Supreme Sailor Moon – Doublage/Fandub

Des anciennes doubleuses de Chorale Sailor Production se sont réunies pour la toute première fois en plusieurs années pour enregistrer des répliques pour le doublage amateur de la séquence d’une animation amateure de Sailor Moon “Supreme Sailor Moon” réalisée par Stefano Lanttazio. De dernier est reconnu sur youtube (avec 5.4 M de views!!) pour la qualité superbe de ses animations sur une 6ième série imaginaire de Sailor Moon.

Après de longues heures passées derrière le micro, j’ai pu réaliser le montage de la séquence et finir avec un doublage ma foi, très amusant :)

Qui sait, c’est peut-être le début d’une nouvelle aventure!!! :)

Notez que vous pouvez joindre la page FACEBOOK de Chorale Sailor Production ou sont tous les vidéo (ou presque) des activités de doublage de l’équipe.

Fighter4Luve Fandub – Ending credit theme “My Best Friends” (Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto…)

After the Sailor Stars opening theme, I worked on the English translation of the Sailor Stars ending theme “Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto…” renamed “My Best Friends”. I have recorded a “credit version” and a “final episode version”. Corey Tsukino, the manager of the fandub, released a teaser a few days ago on the Facebook page of the fandub. Once again, the response has been phenomenal, beyond my expectations. Enjoy the video!


Sailor Stars Theme teaser (English) for Sailor Moon Fandub “Fighter4Luv”

Few months ago, I contacted Corey Tsukino, the person in charge of FIGHTER4LUV, a team dedicated to fandub the episodes of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. As a huge Sailor Moon fan and eager to get involved in such an amazing fandub project, I offered my services as a vocalist for the songs of the show. Without hesitation, Corey handed me translations for the Sailor Stars theme and the ending theme “Kaze me Sora mo Kitto…”. Well, this morning, the song was released on their facebook page as a teaser for the next episode and was greeted with awesome comments. I was really happy ^^; The song itself was extremely challenging and I worked really hard on the mixing. I will shortly start recording the ending theme, renamed “My best Friend”. ENJOY!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars – doublages en francais/French fandubbing :)

Several years ago, I was highly involved in fandubbing. I had created Chorale Sailor Production back in 2000 and with the help of an extensive team, we dubbed several Sailor Moon episodes (and other anime) and were involved in several other projects in the fandom, including contests and singing. Some of CSP’s fandubs are over 10 years old now and we’ve posting them in a Facebook group created for the occasion. I will start posting embed videos of these fandubs on my website every other week from today. Enjoy :)

Il y a plusieurs années, j’étais très impliquée dans le doublage amateur. J’avais créé Chorale Sailor Production en 2000 et avec l’aide d’une équipe solide et nombreuse, nous avons doublé (de facon amateur) plusiers épisodes de la série Sailor Moon (en plus de d’autres animes) et nous étions impliqué dans plusieurs projets de concours et de chansons. Plusieurs des doublages ont fêté leur 10e anniversaire et nous les avons tous posté sur une page Facebook pour souligner l’occasion. Ils seront postés sur ma page web un par un au courant des prochaines semaines. Amusez vous bien :)

Sailor Moon ~ Sailor Stars Episode 200 (final) – Part 1