Singing Demo

New cover: Perfect-Area Complete!

It is with a mix of bitterness and happiness that I am releasing my cover of “Perfect-Area Complete!” – opening theme of the anime Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu and originally performed by Jpop singer Aso (Asou) Natsuko.

I recorded the vocals for that song more than a year ago after I was told that this song would be featured on an anime cover remix album.

Time passed by and the life circumstances of the artist in charge of the project changed and it was obvious, despite a very promising song sample, that the song would never be remixed and fully completed for official release. Finding out that the artist had also un-friended me on Facebook few weeks ago was the turning point in my decision to recover these vocals and release the song myself. Afterall, I had worked over 16 hours for the initial recording and mixing of those vocals and I couldn’t just let them sit on a back up drive. I am no fan of unfinished projects and I had to bring closure to that one before moving on.

That being said, I am already working on my next song and have also decided to release the full “enhanced” version of “Sayounara Musume yo”, an original song that was composed last year.

ENJOY!!! (and please, don’t be shy to comment on the youtube link and subscribe to my channel)


Irulanne to be featured on “Background Noise” on the Extreme Anime Radio!


Tune in on the Extreme Anime Radio next Monday May 20th at 8:00 pm ET to listen to BACKGROUND NOISE !

Hosted by DJ NefCanuck, the show will feature several of my anime and pop song covers that I recorded through out the years.

This is so awesome! I remember back a decade ago when I was listening to their stream via Live365 (when it was free ^^’), I had very slow internet at that time and it was basically the only way for me to listen to anime songs!

I hope to “see” you there on Monday!

Meanwhile, I am getting ready for Anime North and the Idol event, which I am running once again.

You Are My Love ~ Tsubasa Chronicles Reservoir Cover

I have been performing this beautiful song during my Jpop/anime shows “Animusica” and “Animusica 2.0” but had never took the time to properly record it.

There it is!

You are my love” originally sung by Japanese seiyuu Yui Makino from the anime Tsubasa Choricles Reservoir. Because a karaoke was never released, my music partner Philip came out with this beautiful piano instrumental. I am trully blessed to have been able to record such an emotional and meaningful song.

Hope you can enjoy it as much as I do!



I had also recorded a “test version” of the same song back in February 2012 after I had suffered a severe voice lost (the first in over 5 years!) over the Holidays. It kind of gave my voice a nice raspy tone though :)



New singing demo!! :)

I was listening to my 2012 Singing Demo that was featured on the right corner of the website and I was like… I can do better than than! lol :)

That is why I worked on a new song mix with some of my favorite recordings but also the new ones from last year and early 2013.  The goal of this singing demo is to show all my “different” voices and styles, my vocal range as well as my skills in 3 different languages (French, English and Japanese). Who knows, someone may be interested…. ;) I have also used exclusively photos from live performances to demonstrate that I am an expenrienced live performer and that I can take on any stage with lots of presence and charisma.

If you were wondering, the songs performed are the following:
1. Arcane from Ave;new
2. SMILE from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
3. Garasu no Hana from Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny
4. Danzai no Hana Guilty Sky from Claymore (Riyu Kosaka)
5. C’est La Vie from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
6. To Be Free from Ami Suzuki
7. Inori You raise me Up from Romeo x Juliet (Rena Park)
8. Carry On from Sailor Moon the NA English version
9. New Horizons from Heileen 3 writen by Matt Myers
10. Sayounara Musume Yo from Irulanne x Philip Rivard x Michael Dapello
11. My best Friends from The Fandub4Luv Sailor Stars Fandub
12. Sora wa takaku kaze wa utau from Fate/Zero
13. Yume no Kawa from AKB48
14. Stargazer from Gundam
15. Arrietty’s Song from The world of Arrietty (Cecile Cobeil)
16. L’amour a prit son temps from La Guerre des Tuques/The dog who stopped war (Natalie Simard)
17. Synchronicity from Tsubasa Chronicle (Yui Makino)