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Tsuki No Uta ~ Second Release! HEREAFTER (SeraMyu cover)

Here’s the second release of Sailor Moon song cover group TSUKI NO UTA!

Source: Sailor Moon Musical/SeraMyu “Mugen Gakuen ~ Mistress Labyrinth” Soundtrack
Karaoke Source: Mugen Gakuen DVD Menu


The vocalists are Irulanne, Prissi, Skye, Eipuriruu, Mink, Moegan, Moonlight and Diagnosed!

You can subscribe to the Youtube Channel here and JOIN our Facebook Page here.

Note that Auditions are always open and we are looking at adding more vocalists to the group as we go along and take on new projects.

Calgary Omatsuri 2014 ~ Running the show (Take 2)

Once again, I was the director of Entertainment for the Calgary Japanese Festival Omatsuri.

(I was also in charge of the website and the Facebook page, but that’s another story)

The Omatsuri was held on Saturday August 23rd at the Bowness Community Centre; a brand new location for our growing festival (+5000 attendees).

Throughout the year, I worked my butt off in order to be able to accommodate and schedule >100 performers, including singers, dancers, martial art artists, a pantomime from Japan, taiko drummers and so on! During the day, I was mostly in charge of the stage while my volunteers and helpers extraordinaire were managing the martial art demo area and the dressing rooms.

Even though the weather was a bit cold and windy, the festival was successful beyond expectation; the day went by super quickly and without major hitch.

I was able to sing a few songs during the day: I opened the programing with Asu to iu hi ga” (from Rimi Natsukawa), Blue Bird (from Ikimonogakari) and Kokoro no Kakera (theme song of PS3 game Ni No Ku Ni).



Unfortunately, this was my last year running the outdoor programing and entertainment. Being involved at that level is a lot of work – and I now found it hard to deal with the drama associated with running events and the constant trouble-shooting. We have decided that we would take a vacation next summer and go to France to visit my husband extended family – who are lovely and charming people. If next year’s Omatsuri do not overlap with our trip, I might end up singing there again. Who knows! :)


Tsuki No Uta ~ Debut Song!

After intense auditions, I finally picked the vocalists that would compose the First Generation of Tsuki No Uta, the new online Sailor Moon Song Cover group!

The vocalists are Irulanne, Prissi, Skye, Eipuriruu, Mink, Moegan, Moonlight and Diagnosed!

I mixed all the auditions to produce the group’s first song “Moonlight Densetsu”.

We are currently working on our next song plus artwork for the new upcoming website and all the social media accounts.

You can subscribe to the Youtube Channel here and JOIN our Facebook Page here.

Note that Auditions are always open and we are looking at adding more vocalists to the group as we go along and take on new projects. ENJOY! :)



CSP – Tsuki No Uta Project ~ A Sailor Moon Crystal Song Cover Group!

Chorale Sailor Production : The Tsuki No Uta Project

A Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Song Cover Online Group ~ managed and directed by Canadian professional singer and recording artist Irulanne.

I am creating a friendly group of vocalists to record and produce high quality song covers from the new anime Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal. We are expecting the new anime to be released with a bunch of new and old songs, including the OP and ED themes by Momoiro Clover Z as well as Image and Insert songs by the new voice cast. 

Additionaly, we will also record songs from the old anime, PGSM and the musicals. The more the merrier!

My goal would be to create a group composed of 6 or 7 vocalists and release at least one song every 2 to 3 months.

Audition Process

In order to audition and be accepted for this group, you will need:

1. Excellent recording gear and the ability to produce high quality vocal-only tracks/lines with no added effects and NO background noises.

2. To be very reliable, mature and capable of respecting deadlines for vocal tracks (usually 3 to 4 weeks per song). You also need to be willing to re-do lines if asked to do so. I will not require every vocalist to be in every song but a minimum of participation will be expected. Flaky vocalists, those delaying projects and those going MIA won’t survive in this group.

3. Strong Singing Talent. Being able to record harmonies is also a bonus. 

4. A nice personality. This group is not a place for divas, drama-queens, trolls and self-absorbed/self-entitled individuals. If you are the kind of person to lose your sleep and butcher your lines because you were not assigned a solo in the current project, you won’t survive in this group.

5. To be a girl. Or have a female type of voice. Sorry guys.

6. To have an active Facebook account. Projects will be mainly discussed on a private Facebook group. This is not negotiable.

7. A good Japanese pronunciation.

8. Unconditional love for Sailor Moon – or at least, some knowledge of the musicography of the franchise.

You think you have it all? Wanna join this awesome group?

1. Record lines for the short version of Moonlight Densetsu as provided here (send your lines as one file in mp3 format).

-> TsukiNoUta- MoonlightDensetsu-audition (karaoke mp3)


-> Original Moonlight Densetsu

2. Provide a link to your youtube/soundcloud/vimeo/etc account(s). Show me what you are capable of.

3. Tell me a bit about yourself (name, age, location, experience, vocal range, resume…) and why you want to join.

4. Let me know if you have any other talents (audio mixing, video editing, website designing, fanarts, harmonies…)

Deadline for the auditions for the First Generation of the group: July 1st 2014

Send your audition to : IRULANNE @ HOTMAIL.COM

If you see this post after the deadline and would like join, just send me an email and we’ll work from there. This won’t be a closed group and I will accept and add new vocalists as we go if they can respect all of the conditions above.

Performance at the New Year Party of the Japanese Community of Calgary

I  was invited to perform and sing at the traditional CJCA New Year Party in Calgary.

The first song was “Bara wa Utsukuchiku Chiru” from the anime Versailles no Bara.

The second song was “Ettou Tsubame”, a classic from Mori Masako, a popular Japanese idol of the 70s.

My performance was very well received by the audience although my singing was not optimal. During the soundcheck, everything was fine but when I returned in the evening, all I could hear was the karaoke blasting into the speakers. In order to hear myself sing, I had to push my voice a bit more than I like to. But you know, The Show Must Go On!

You can watch a video recording of Ettou Tsumabe on youtube.

Enjoy! :)



Versailles no Bara / Lady Oscar ~ “Bara wa Utsukushiki Chiru” cover :)

Lady Oscar aka “Versailles no Bara” was probably one of the first anime I was exposed to when I was a child. It was playing in French on the kid’s TV channel back when I was around 8 years old. Its the powerful and tragic story of a young woman forced to dress as a man and act as a solder in the French army a few years before the French Revolution. Versailles no Bara is still incredibly popular in Japan and has inspired the first musicals of the Takarazuka Revues. Although never adapted in English (A SHAME) this anime of the 70s is a world-known classic that every anime fan outthere should watch at least once. Its easy to get subtitled episodes.

After my friend Yota shared with me his karaoke version of the song (an original version was never released), I decided to record the song. I will also perform it live in a week for the Japanese New Year Party in town.

Enjoy :)


NHK We Love Japanese Songs Vol. 2 2014 – VIDEO!!!

I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be picked for this show!

There were over 338 entries and they showed perhaps 40 videos total in-between the commentaries and live performances of Kalafina, BENI and last year’s winners.

Yeah, Kalafina and BENI both watched me sing “Time Goes By” by Every Little Thing LOL ;)

I was the only singer from Canada. Once again, the winning title went to a girl who produced a professional music video. This kind of raise the bar for anyone who wish to win. I’ll have to think about something for next year – and not record my songs only 3 days before the deadline! ^^;

I have recorded the whole show, but here’s the segment that featured my song.

Thank you to everyone who supported and voted for my videos!