Sailor Moon Sailor Stars – doublages en francais/French fandubbing :)

Several years ago, I was highly involved in fandubbing. I had created Chorale Sailor Production back in 2000 and with the help of an extensive team, we dubbed several Sailor Moon episodes (and other anime) and were involved in several other projects in the fandom, including contests and singing. Some of CSP’s fandubs are over 10 years old now and we’ve posting them in a Facebook group created for the occasion. I will start posting embed videos of these fandubs on my website every other week from today. Enjoy :)

Il y a plusieurs années, j’étais très impliquée dans le doublage amateur. J’avais créé Chorale Sailor Production en 2000 et avec l’aide d’une équipe solide et nombreuse, nous avons doublé (de facon amateur) plusiers épisodes de la série Sailor Moon (en plus de d’autres animes) et nous étions impliqué dans plusieurs projets de concours et de chansons. Plusieurs des doublages ont fêté leur 10e anniversaire et nous les avons tous posté sur une page Facebook pour souligner l’occasion. Ils seront postés sur ma page web un par un au courant des prochaines semaines. Amusez vous bien :)

Sailor Moon ~ Sailor Stars Episode 200 (final) – Part 1

“Never Stop” feat. Irulanne – Alex Lam’s Album preview

Proof that you can’t never tell where a simple song collab can bring you!

I’ve met Alex Lam back in the early 2000s on Soundclick. This music producer/composer from Hong Kong needed a female vocalist for the Japanese version of one of his song “Never Stop”. At the time, I had recorded a “test” version but the project was dropped and we both moved on to other things. Few months ago, Alex got back to me, asking if I could provide vocals once again for the song – which would be featured on a demo album. I agreed and provided the vocals as requested. A preview of the song can has been posted on Youtube. Enjoy =D


L’amour a pris son temps (La Guerre des Tuques/The dog who stopped war) French Cover song

Few weeks ago, my music partner Philip Rivard proposed we do a cover of one of Québec’s most iconic song of the 80’s – “L’amour a pris son temps“, theme song of LA GUERRE DES TUQUES (dubbed The dog who stopped war) and originally performed by ex-singer child star Natalie Simard. The song was released yesterday on Youtube on Philip’s channel.We worked hard on this one. Hope you’ll like it!

Il y a de cela quelques semaines, mon partenaire musical Philip Rivard m’a proposé de faire un cover de la chanson L’amour a pris son temps du film LA GUERRE DES TUQUES et originallement chantée par Natalie Simard. La chanson a été publié pour la première fois hier sur le compte youtube de Philip. Nous avons travaillé fort sur celle-la, espérons que vous apprécirez !

Irulanne’s cover of Sailor Moon’s CARRY ON also available for download :)

Few months ago, CHORALE SAILOR PRODUCTION was reborn for the fandub of the battle between Queen Beryl against Princess Serenity. I recorded the song CARRY ON with the karaoke generously provided by friend musician Philip Rivard who had recreated the music especially for my Sailor Moon 20th anniversary panel performance :)

The fandub is available on youtube, as well as the live performance(s) of the song. You can also download my cover on the DOWNLOAD page of this site ^_^

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Irulanne feat. BlueReminiscence – Sora Wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau cover !

Song: Sora wa takaku Kaze wa utau
Anime: Fate/Zero
Original artist: Haruna Luna
Song composed by Yuki Kajiura
Mixing: Irulanne

I started to work on this cover a few months ago when I realized it would sound much cooler if I would turn it into a duet. I asked fellow Alberta Jpop cover artist “Blue Reminiscence” to provide me with some of his outstanding vocals to turn the song into an epic cover. He managed to come up with very nice harmonies and… TADA !!


You can download the full MP3 in the DOWNLOAD section of this website. ENJOY !!!!


New Horizons – Theme Song for Heileen 3 (Tycoon Games / Matthew Myers)

The news has been circulating around the internet for quite some time now but I never got around my own website to make the official announcement  >_<

Heileen“, “Heileen 2” and soon to be released “Heileen 3” are visual novel games for PC that were developped by Tycoon Games (Winter Wolves Games). Set during the 17th Century, it’s the story of a young naive English girl who embarks on a ship with friends and family to begin a journey to the “New World”. The ship gets lost at sea and Heileen eventually ends up on a deserted tropical island. In order to survive, she must get along with unusual friends, including a talking cat, and use magic tarot cards. Later on, she begins a new life as a pirate where she’ll find aventure, love and romance – and perhaps her true destiny.

In order to conclude the Heileen story arc, the game developper commissioned a theme song to 2EastMusic‘s music composer Matthew Myers - also known as the mastermind behind the famous LEETSTREETBOYS .

***drum rolls***

And I was chosen to be the vocalist for the song :-)

I was not really expecting this – being super busy at the time with Anime North Idol and my preparations for Anime Revolution. It was a very nice surprise and a huge confidence booster. Afterall, I had been singing for over a decade but never got to the point where anyone would have considered me for “professional” singing (and it’s not because I haven’t tried before…)

Unlike recording “covers”, working on original material takes time, adjustments – and the client’s approval. But I am happy to report that the song is almost completed as we are now busy tweaking harmonies and such. Matt has been absolutely amazing and working miracles with the song arrangements and mixing, despite my francophone accent ;)

I am also excited to announce that I will perform “NEW HORIZONS” live at ANIMUSICA, my jpop & anime performance at Anime Revolution on August 19th at 2:00pm.

New Horizons and Heileen 3 will eventually be released online and the song, on iTunes – possibly around Christmas 2012. I shall make an update when I’ll have more info.

Meanwhile… I will have another announcement to make soon. Stay Tuned ;-)


You don’t want to spend a week on my youtube ?! ME NEITHER !

This is why I have made this 8-min Singing Demo Reel !

This demo was made out of 19 of my best recordings of the last 7 years – including songs in Japanese, English and French !

You can access the DEMO in the widget on the left side of this blog or through my youtube account.