Gendou Idol Season 8 !

This has to be the most “unexplained” online Jpop/Anime singing competition on the internet…

Along 103 singers, I joined the GENDOU IDOL competition few days ago.

My entry for the first round is “TO BE FREE” by Ami Suzuki. Each entry is supposed to get a score by four (4) judges.

You can also VOTE for your favorite singers but I have no clue how the voting will affect the results. It is specified though that contestant should understand that this is a singing competition – not a popularity contest.

Regardless, if you like this kind of contest, please visit the page and enjoy the performances. You can also vote if you have a Gendou Account.





Irulanne’s SMILE SMILE SMILE – a Pinkie Pie song from My Little Pony :)

I have finally completed my cover of SMILE from the My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic TV show.

That you like the show or not doesn’t really matter ! The song is really good and catchy and I think I did a marvelous job with the mixing, the harmonies and the chorus at the end !

The mp3 of the song can be downloaded here !!!

Credits goes to:
Song: Daniel Ingram
Karaoke: MandoPony
Vocals and mixing: Irulanne
Backvocals: Irulanne & Mark Nguyen
Spoken Pinkie Pie: heckshotstuff1

There are two versions: An audio only version – and a full video/fandub version. Both are below !

Voice Recovery Test with “Garnet” from Hanako Oku.

I completely lost my voice during the 2011-2012 Holidays. I had the worst cold in 3 years, coughing my lungs out for weeks !
I am just starting to recover. My voice is still raspy, shaky and my full vocal range hasn’t returned yet.
Because it’s currently -33oC in Calgary, I was bored and decided to warm up my voice a bit and test it’s range and colors. I have a choir performance this upcoming Saturday and I sure hope I can recover in time for it !!!
This is not, by far, one of my best LIVE recording but this is not horrible either. I am mostly in my head voice and any attempt to push it a bit would have resulted in coughing. They say that trained singers can sing WITH colds… I will certainely post a better version in a few weeks from now.

For those wondering, the song GARNET was NOT released with a karaoke version. This piano version was done by my musical partner Philip and WON’T be shared. Thank you for your understanding !