Test Recording

You Are My Love ~ Tsubasa Chronicles Reservoir Cover

I have been performing this beautiful song during my Jpop/anime shows “Animusica” and “Animusica 2.0” but had never took the time to properly record it.

There it is!

You are my love” originally sung by Japanese seiyuu Yui Makino from the anime Tsubasa Choricles Reservoir. Because a karaoke was never released, my music partner Philip came out with this beautiful piano instrumental. I am trully blessed to have been able to record such an emotional and meaningful song.

Hope you can enjoy it as much as I do!



I had also recorded a “test version” of the same song back in February 2012 after I had suffered a severe voice lost (the first in over 5 years!) over the Holidays. It kind of gave my voice a nice raspy tone though :)