New singing demo!! :)

I was listening to my 2012 Singing Demo that was featured on the right corner of the website and I was like… I can do better than than! lol :)

That is why I worked on a new song mix with some of my favorite recordings but also the new ones from last year and early 2013.  The goal of this singing demo is to show all my “different” voices and styles, my vocal range as well as my skills in 3 different languages (French, English and Japanese). Who knows, someone may be interested…. ;) I have also used exclusively photos from live performances to demonstrate that I am an expenrienced live performer and that I can take on any stage with lots of presence and charisma.

If you were wondering, the songs performed are the following:
1. Arcane from Ave;new
2. SMILE from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
3. Garasu no Hana from Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny
4. Danzai no Hana Guilty Sky from Claymore (Riyu Kosaka)
5. C’est La Vie from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
6. To Be Free from Ami Suzuki
7. Inori You raise me Up from Romeo x Juliet (Rena Park)
8. Carry On from Sailor Moon the NA English version
9. New Horizons from Heileen 3 writen by Matt Myers
10. Sayounara Musume Yo from Irulanne x Philip Rivard x Michael Dapello
11. My best Friends from The Fandub4Luv Sailor Stars Fandub
12. Sora wa takaku kaze wa utau from Fate/Zero
13. Yume no Kawa from AKB48
14. Stargazer from Gundam
15. Arrietty’s Song from The world of Arrietty (Cecile Cobeil)
16. L’amour a prit son temps from La Guerre des Tuques/The dog who stopped war (Natalie Simard)
17. Synchronicity from Tsubasa Chronicle (Yui Makino)


Animusica 2.0 – Irulanne’s Jpop Concert at Ganime 2013!

Irulanne est de retour au Québec pour présenter son nouveau spectacle multimédia audio/video interactif “ANIMUSICA 2.0″ avec dédicace pour souligner le 20e anniversaire de Sailor Moon, participation d’invités et présentation de chansons originales. À ne pas manquer :)

Irulanne is back to La Belle Province for present her brand new audio/video multimedia concert “ANIMUSICA 2.0″ with a special tribute to the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, performances by special guests and presentation of original songs. Don’t miss it :)

More details coming soon!

Please, RSVP to the Facebook Event Page here! Thank you !!!

My tentative schedule for Anime Revolution !

Hey gang, another update regarding Anime Revolution !

I received my tentative schedule of events and appareances through out the week-end.

Please come see me and say Hi ! I don’t bite and I really appreciate everyone’s support :)

FRIDAY – August 17th

  • 11:00am – OP Ceremony
  • 12:30pm – Anime Revolution Idol Round #1 (as a Guest Judge)
  • 5:00pm – Autograph session and photo ! (asking $5 for my own prints, otherwise autographs are free)

SATURDAY – August 18th

  • 10:00am – Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Event (performing)
  • 4:00pm – Anime Revolution Idol Round #3 (as a Guest Judge)

SUNDAY – August 19th

  • 2:00pm – ANIMUSICA – An anime and Jpop Concert (performing)
  • 3:30pm – Autograph session and photo ! (asking $5 for my own prints, otherwise autographs are free)
  • 5:30pm – ED Ceremony and Idol final round (As a Guest Judge)


I HAVE NO PLAN TO BRING CDs at the convention – as I don’t want to get myself – or anyone else – in trouble for distributing non-licensed songs. However, if anyone would like to ORDER a compilation CD, I will glady take individual orders and bring them to the con to give them to you personally. I ask $5 per CD. Thank you :) SEE YOU THERE !

Post-2007 jpop and anime songs + original material posted on the “Irulannesque” page !

I went on a semi-hiatus at the end of 2007 when I moved from Laval, Québec to Calgary, Alberta. I got a new job, got married, had a baby… you know ! The stuff grown ups do lol ! But I did recorded a few songs through these years, including some very good ones. I uploaded them in a new section called “Irulannesque” as I think these songs really sounds like “me” and are not only imitating the original artists. I’ve also put in that section 2 original songs; two collabs I did with other people online. For the FIRST TIME ever, these songs are downloadable in the DONWLOADS section !