2012 Performances

Our choir “Poco-a-Poco” was invited to performe at the New Year party of the Calgary Japanese Community on January 10th. I was still recovering from a very bad cold but still was able to sing. We performed two songs – and I think our audience would have loved more !!! ;)

Uruwashi Haru Yo

Warabi Gami konno komori uta


* * *

On Sunda May 6th 2012, the Poco-a-Poco choir was invited to perform at the Calgary’s NJCA kid’s day charity concert -
“to the children of japan” (more info here).

We started with Haruyo Koi.

[hdplay id=11]

We then performed “Jidai” from jpop legend Miyuki Nakajima.

[hdplay id=12]

We ended our presentation with the Pachelbel’s canon with handbells !

[hdplay id=13]