Anime North Idol 2012

Anime North 2012 (May 25th-27th) just ended and boy, was it a crazy week-end !

Once again, I was the assigned director for the Anime North Idol event, which goal is to showcase the tremendous amount of performing talent among the con attendees. Mind you that several hours of work and a few sleepless nights were necessary to put that huge event together but I wouldn’t have been about to do it without all the help and support from my assistants, staff and volunteers.

The 2012 AN idol staff this year were:
– Myself, as the director and audition judge.
– Tobi “Moegan” Malette, Michael “lil’mike” Storey, Katy Milligan and Michael Dapello as audition judges.
– Jean-Philippe “Redcavalier” Méthot and Steve Binette as assistants.
– Dany Shehad as MC
– Mark Nguyen for the photo and video
– Jon Lee as our Liaison with AN management.

We also had a handful of volunteers that helped backstage and during the audition sessions.

Our idol finale judges were Otakuthon Idol 2009 winner Andrew “Kaidaj” Scott (Youtube), Toronto-based Jpop Idol Berri Pinku from the Pinku! Project (youtube) and coming from Seattle DJ Pete “Initial P” Ellison from DiskoWarp (youtube).

We had an audition session on the Friday evening and one on the Saturday morning. The finale show was scheduled at 3:30pm to run till 5:00pm. Our seven finalists were Joanna Zhu, Lily J, Michelle Nahmad, Arezu Salamzadeh, Ai-Chan, Joseph Chan and Catherine Lapensée. The opening musical number was peformed by myself in duet with Andrew with the song “Hurricane Lily Boston Mary” (from jpop group AAA) and the Guest performance was done by Michael Dapello, our last year winner, with Yuki no Hana (Mika Nakashima).

The show went really smoothly, without hiccups or any major technical difficulties. All the performances were great and entertaining ! But as there can only be one winner, MICHELLE NAHMAD was declared our Anime North Idol 2012 winner due to her high spirit and great performance.



MORE PICTURES on the Facebook Gallery HERE !


 VIDEO of the performances !

The first video is a video montage “retrospective” of all the performances and the winner announcement.

The second video is the full opening musical number by myself and Kaidaj.

[hdplay id=15]

* * *

If you are interested in auditioning and participating to Anime North Idol in 2013, you can consult the current Rules & Guidelines on the AN website. The 2013 rules should be updated around January or February in 2013. Any question, contact me at animenorthidol @