2006 – Otakuthon Concert

Irulanne and Friends 2006 POSTER

Early January 2006, something huge was announced in the anime community of Montreal : There would be an ANIME CONVENTION in town in June ! I did not waste time and emailed the people in charge and offered them an anime/jpop show for their programming. It was accepted right away and it didn’t took long that “Irulanne & Friends” was created. Clara (aka Aqualight at the time), Moegan and Delphine joined the group and we started to practice restlessly for the next 5 months to build a 45-min live concert of anime and jpop singing and dancing. A dancing group of 4 girls, called “Odori Matsuri” joined the cast and presented two dance choreographies on popular jpop songs in between our musical numbers !

The show was presented Saturday June 10th, at 4:30pm in the DB Clack Theater of the Concordia University (Montreal). We had approximatively 200 people who showed up, including our friends and family. Unfortunately, we ended up having microphone problems (which we realized the DB Clack Theater was cursed with…) but we didn’t let that stop us from giving out our heart and soul for our audience ;P

Our show listing was :

1. Candy Baby (ChieKo Kawabe)
2. Super Anime Medley (Anime themes from 2005-2006)
3. C’est la vie! (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon)
*Numéro de danse* (No de Namie Amuro)
4. Angel Addict (Lemon Angel Project)
5. FRENCH anime themes of the 70’s
*Numéro de danse* (Candy Pop – HeartDale)
6. Karenai Hana – Friends 2006 version (Mikuni Shimokawa, FullMetal Panic)
7. Quelque soit l’obstacle – Irulanne version (French adaptation of Sincerely… from DREAM, anime Hikaru no go)
8. Shiritsu Fuuka Gakuen (Mai Hime)
9. It’s Only A Fairy Tale (Mai Hime)
*Finale* on the instrumental of “Moment Fatal” (SeraMyu)

This is a video montage of the highlights of the show !


With our show, we released a maxi-single CD with recordings of most of the songs performed during the show.
Listen to the songs and download them here !