2007 – AC3 (AC-cubed) Concert

Right after I was done hosting the first Otakuthon Idol event in 2007, I was approached by AC-Cubed‘s chairman to be a performing Guest for their next convention in Ottawa. I was offered a show on the Saturday and the Sunday afternoon of the convention, held first week-end of November 2007. That left me with only 3 months to prepare another jpop and anime show. From all the Friends, Clara, Moegan and our lifetime assistant-super-duper friend Kira, were willing to stop in the wagon and come perform with me in Ottawa.

We recycled a few songs from the Otakuthon 2007 show and I learned a few new ones for myself, appropriate to the situation.

Our song listing was :

  1. Garasu no Hana – By Irulanne (song from Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny)
  2. Medley from Anime Best of 90’s (various songs from popular animes of the 90s)
  3. Hare Hare Yukai (song from Haruhi Suzumiya)
  4. In The Sky – By The Friends (song by Miz)
  5. Danzai no Hana 8 Guilty Sky – By Irulanne (song by Riyu Kosaka from anime Claymore)
  6. Winter Love – By Irulanne (song by BoA)
  7. Mr Moonlight Ai no Bigbang (song by Morning Musume)
  8. Inori You Raise Me Up – By Irulanne (By Rena Park for the anime Romeo x Juliet)

You can watch a video montage of the show !

It was the last year of AC-Cubed. The convention was not renewed after 2007.