2007 – Otakuthon Concert

Irulanne & Friends 2007

After the “Irulanne & Friends 2006″ show, we were fired up to present another Jpop and Anime concert for Otakuthon 2007 – this time to be held August 4th and 5th 2007. We hold two audition sessions at the Concordia University in November 2006. Everyone who showed up was accepted in the group. The rehearsals started in early January 2007, and where held -every- week-end till the end of July. This was an intense schedule of complex songs to learn, choreographies to rehearse and recordings to go through. Not everyone in the original cast were able, or willing to commit – so we ended up at the end with a solid group of 7 members. Irulanne & Friends 2007 were: Irulanne, Clara, Moegan, Delphine, Ricki, Ingrid and Kaithy-chan.

The live show was presented on August 4th at 8:30pm at the DB Clack Theater. This time around, the concert had pre-sold the tickets (380) during the convention registration and we quickly became sold out ! Unfortunately, once again, the DB Clarck Theater staff did their job poorly, which resulted in poor sound and uneven microphones, but we still performed a kick-ass show that has yet to be matched in any other convention as of today !

Our show listing was:

  1. Let’s Be (Alive) (song from Ami Suzuki)
  2. Anime Medley Best of the 90’s (songs from popular animes like Sailor Moon, Evangelion, Pokemon…)
  3.  Sakura Kiss – By the Friends 2nd gen (song from Chieko Kawabe)
  4. Uchuu no koi wa rune rune (song from Galaxy Angels)
  5. Hey my Friends – By the Friends 1st gen (song from Tommy Heavenly6)
  6. Hare Hare Yukai (song from Haruhi Suzumiya)
  7. Sakura Saku – by Ingrid (song from Love Hina)
  8. Danzai no Hana * Guilty Sky – By Irulanne (song from Riyu Kosaka)
  9. Final Fantasy Piano Medley – By Kaithychan
  10. Mr Moonlight Ai no BigBand (by Morning Musume)
  11. Find The Way (by Mika Nakashima)
  12. LINK (SeraMyu)
  13. Yatta! (encore – by Green Leaves)


You can watch a video montage of 1) a funny video about our rehearsing 2) a brief soundcheck and 3) the show itself.


Of course, just like for the 2006 show, we also recorded most of the song to compile a CD Album. You can listen and download the songs by clicking on the CD image !

What we didn’t know was that the Otakuthon 2007 show would open the door to two additional performances in 2007 ! To be continued…