2012 – Anime Revolution

Back in early 2012, I was (unexpectedly) invited as a Guest to the brand new Vancouver anime convention “Anime Revolution” – along with Mark and The 404s. I was scheduled to judge all rounds of AR Idol, perform at the very special Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Panel – and hold a Jpop/Anime concert on my own !





We (Mark and myself) landed in beautiful Vancouver on the Friday August 17th to be taken to the Canada Place downtown (sharing a Taxi ride with Katie Griffin -voice of Sailor Mars :) to pick up our badges and appear at the Opening Ceremony. After meeting staff and volunteers, we proceeded with the First Round of AR Idol where I had to score and comment the performance of the 12 finalists. We then went to the autograph table for our scheduled session. Then it was time to go check in at the hotel and proceed with dinner (sushi of course). We came back for Mark’s improv workshop. We went back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.






Saturday morning, we had to show up bright and early for the Sailor Moon panel soundcheck. I performed the Sailor Moon OP theme with Jeremy Androsoff (Programming director and host of the event) and the song CARRY ON in front of all the VAs and a very enthousiastic audience. The panel went on with a few videos and a Q&A. After a quick lunch, we proceeded to our second autograph session, then the secound round of AR idol and The 404s first show. We went dinner (sushi again !) with the whole improv cast and Doug Walker, the Nostalgia Critic Guy. We came back for Mark’s brony panel which was extremely popular. I came back to the hotel to go to sleep while Mark stayed late for The 404s Late Night show.





Sunday morning, we attended the VIP & Guest Brunch to mingle with everyone and get a few photos and autographs. We returned to the hotel to change and prepare for the Animusica Concert. We went back to the convention at 12:30 to go through the soundcheck. The show (scheduled at 2:00pm) went on on time and with no hiccups. The concept of Animusica, to have video support for all the songs, went very well and was appreciated from the audience !

The song listing was :

    1. You are my love (Tsubasa Chronicles – Yui Makino)
    2. Best of the Anime of the 90’s Medley (various animes)
    3. CARRY ON from Sailor Moon with special Chorale Sailor Production fandub
    4. GARNET from “The Girl who leapt through time” (Hanako Oku)
    5. New Horizons from the game Heileen 3
    6. SMILE from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
    7. Irulanne’s favorite anime songs of the day Medley (various anime)

The whole show is available on youtube to watch – except for the talking parts that were left out. I am very happy of my performance overall and I think I sang really good, better than in any previous live performances. My lyrics were correct at 99%, which is really good for me who usually mess up when I become nervous ;-)Right after the show, we setted up for the last The 404s show. We then went to the autograph tables for our last session. People camed to take pictures and buy prints. Then, we headed to the Closing Ceremony preparation and soundcheck. I unexpectedly performed SMILE again in front of a much bigger audience this time – as they had opened the two main rooms to accomodate the large crowd. I also judged for Idol one last time and we crowned the very first AR Idols “Ally & Sally”. And in no time, the convention was over and it was time to say goodbye ;__; Mark and I were so tired and starving, so we just went to the hotel restaurant and ate a very expensive dinner and drank a glass of wine – but we totally deserved it ;) We were escorted back to the airport Monday morning and came back to Calgary to our little girl Kara.

The highlights of the week-end:

– The Sailor Moon VAs were so nice and friendly ! Terri Hawkes, my voice actress superstar, took the time to talk to me in French ^^;

– Our hotel The Marriott Pinnacle was the most high-end hotel I had ever stayed at !

–  The staff and volonteers treated us like royalties.

– The main event stage was perfect – and Sergio, the best sound guy I have ever worked with in my entire “convention history”

– We were able to meet with Amanda, Otakuthon’s chair ^^;

– To perform at the Sailor Moon 20th anniversary panel was the experience of a lifetime. People from all over America were there for the occasion.

– Animusica – my very first solo concert. Lots of sweat and tears went into this. Gotta be worth it.

– Performing NEW HORIZONS, my first original professional song, live for the first time !

What’s next for the future ? I will shortly start to prepare for Ganime 2013. Till then :)