2012 Ganime

Gatineau’s very own anime convention was held January 27-29 2012.

I was not officially invited but (good) circumstances allowed us (daughter Kara, myself and hubby Mark) to jump on a plane on the Friday morning to surprise my friends Clara and Tobi (who were performing their own jpop show), and make a surprise apparance at the convention! Luc Biron, the convention president was super duper nice and accomodating with our non-scheduled arrival to the con. We can’t thank him enough, and his staff for their nice welcome.

It didn’t took long that we were involved in several events ! Mark’s first unexpected duty was to be a guest at the “Skeleton in the closet” panel on Saturday morning. Kara couldn’t resist the call of the stage and right in the middle of the panel, she jumped on stage to join Mark and take the microphone away from him ;)

We then spent the afternoon walking around the con, meeting with old and new friends and attending a few events.

With famous cosplayer JusdePomme

Irulanne and Friends's Clara and Tobi !

Then, we decided to get some well-deserved Saint-Hubert near by the hotel :)

When we returned to the convention, we went to the PINKU! Project performance. The Pinku! Project is a Toronto-based Idol group of 4 members, emulating Japanese groups like AKB48 and Morning Musume. But they are working on developping their own “flavor”, motto, choregraphies and they will be releasing a genuine single next spring ! They are not fake and actually very talented ! No one can really predict how long such a group can last but they are hard-working girls with a very strong leader. That can only lead them to success :)


The next morning, I had to wake up early to join the soundcheck at the main event room for Clara’s Jpop show and my own performance for the singing competition “Gidole”. Shortly after, my parents came to the convention to take care of Kara while Mark and I would be busy in the afternoon. We all went for lunch, then I got dressed and Mark and I went back to the main event room for Clara and Tobi’s Jpop performance. It was a very good show, featuring jpop and anime songs from various sources. Clara also sung a Disney song from Pocahontas “Couleurs du vent” which in my opinion, was the highlight of the show.


I was then appointed to be a judge at the Gidole event was right after the show. Because of a few glitches, Mark and Clara ended up MCing the show. I opened the competition with the song “Arrietty’s Song” from the movie “The secret world of Arrietty”. We then went through the 5 performers who were all pretty good, despite the opinions of my two co-judges. For the record, I was deeply embarassed by their negative behavior towards the contestants and did not shared their point of vue. I will never support “Simon Cowell’s” type of criticism in an amateur competition – especially when it’s just for the sake of it. That being said, Tobi won the title of Gidole 2012 with her performance of the Japanese version of the Anastasia song. It was well deserved !




After such a week-end, we went back to our room to clean and pack up our stuff and get ready to board our flight the next morning. Till next year everyone :)