2013 – Ganime

Ganime 2013 was held in Gatineau (Quebec) on January 25 to 27 2013.

My husband Mark Nguyen (from The 404s fame), myself and little Kara were invited as Guests ^_^

We landed on Thursday evening and were picked up at the airport by convention staff. We managed to settled down in our hotel room and then go eat as a family at Suisha Garden in Ottawa, a very high-end Japanese restaurant.

On Friday, we met up with the convention staff but also with Guest of Honor Jackie Berger – a legend in French dubbing. She was such a nice lady and had an instant connection with our daughter :) She asked me if I could perform the theme song of the anime “Les Cités d’Or” to open her panel on Saturday morning. I agreed to do it with the help of my friends Moegan and Clara – who were also scheduled to perform with me at my Jpop concert Saturday and for the Gidol event on Sunday.


During the evening, I gathered with Moegan and Clara to rehearse our musical numbers for Saturday. It appears that Kara had also a good time while we were peforming :)


Once we were done, I headed back to the convention to meet with the guys from Puissance Maximale, a radio show about everything nerdy and geeky.


We all went back to our room pretty early to get ready for tomorrow.

First thing on Saturday morning was Terri Hawkes’s Sailor Moon panel. As she was arriving to the room, she instantly recognized me from Anime Revolution and we greeted each other. After the panel, we had the priviledge to be able to take a picture with her ^_^



As promised, me, Clara and Moegan then showed up at Jackie Berger’s panel. We had planned to do a little rehearsal and soundcheck. So we started to sing the song “Enfants du Soleil” without knowing that Jackie was already there. She came up on the stage ^^’ So our practice became the main performance. It was still really good and I am happy we did it!


Right away, I had to run back to my room and get ready for my concert. I came back to the convention ground for my soundcheck, scheduled at 1pm. My Jpop Concert ANIMUSICA 2.0 was scheduled for 2pm in the main event room and started on time.

Overall, the show went -very- well and I had a lot of raving feedbacks after my performance! I personaly think that my voice could have been a little bit better but I was recovering from a cold (who isn’t sick right now?!) and by the end of the show, I couldn’t hear myself sing in the stage monitors (weird) anymore so I ended up overcompensating a bit towards the end.


The song listing was :

    1. You are my love (Tsubasa Chronicles – Yui Makino)
    2. Sailor Moon Tribute Medley (various) feat. Moegan and Clara
    3. Sora wa takaku Kaze wa utau (Fate/Zero – Luna Haruna) feat. Yan Zhou
    4. SMILE from My Little Pony Friendship is magic
    5. New Horizons from the game Heileen 3
    6. Sayounara Musume Yo (original song by Philip Rivard, Irulanne and Michael Dapello)
    7. Irulanne’s favorite anime songs of the day Medley (various anime) feat. Moega and Clara

Unfortunately, the A/V staff encountered several technical glitches that caused the cancellation of the LIVE Broadcast :(


Watch the whole Concert, Gidol and our little special on Jackie Berger’s panel on this playlist :)


After my performance, I went to meet with fans and new friends at the autograph table. Shortly after, I went backstage in the main event room to wish The Pinku Project girls good luck for their very last performance :)


We went back to the hotel to meet with my parents who had returned after spending the day with Kara. We had a family dinner and then, Mark went back to the convention for The 404s Late Nite Show.

Sunday morning was a little bit more relaxed. Mark and I went back to the convention grounds to present The Brony Panel. I performed SMILE another time with the participation of the audience. I then walked back to the hotel to change for Gidol.


Gidol 2013 was directed this year by my friend Clara. Last year’s winner, Moegan, was given her own 60 min show as part of the prize for winning the competition the year before. She presented several songs such as the Sword Art Online theme and a very well received Disney medley. I stepped on stage to sing with her CARRY ON – the song that is played during the fight between Princess Serenity and Queen Beryl in Sailor Moon. I also stayed for the final musical number MOMENT FATAL, a French translation of the song from the Sailor Moon musical, once performed by Chorale Sailor.


I then sat down with my co-judges: CelticSakura (Otakuthon Idol 2008 winner) and RedCavalier (ex-Otakuthon Idol director). We had 7 participants who performed for the audience. The show went really well and all the contestants were pretty good. Ultimately, it’s Zuki Nyu who won the title of Gidol 2013.

After Gidol, I was able to spend a little bit more time with Terri Hawkes who ultimately had to leave to catch her plane in the afternoon. Mark and The 404s had one last show before the end of the con. As people were leaving, we ended up saying goodbye to everyone and headed back to the hotel for dinner.

We left Gatineau Monday afternoon after several flight delays but finally arrived back home safe n’ sound. Farewell Ganime. We had a great time :)