My name is Irulanne. My friends call me IRU. Whichever you prefer.

Here’s my “official” Bio:

With more than fifteen years of singing Jpop and anime songs behind her, Irulanne is well known around the internet for her distinctive and powerful voice, which she has also used in a long career of anime fandubbing (Chorale Sailor Production).

Irulanne is one of the most respected veterans of amateur Jpop and anime singing. She officially debuted in 2000 with a French version of the “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars” theme which was received with a phenomenal response around the internet. In the following years, Irulanne has recorded over a hundred songs and released several unofficial CD cover albums, raising the bar in the online jpop singing communities. Irulanne is currently working on new original songs as well!

From 2006 to 2010, Irulanne was the leader and main singer of “Irulanne and Friends”, a group of amateur singers that performed full-length Jpop concerts at conventions and Japanese Festivals in Eastern Canada. Among her other achievements, Irulanne created Otakuthon Idol in 2007 and Anime North Idol in 2011 and will return once more to Toronto in 2013 as the director of Canada’s biggest jpop idol singing competition. Irulanne is also a member of a genuine Japanese Choir and is regulary invited to sing and volunteer at events of the Japanese Community of Calgary.

I was born in Sept-Iles, a small town in Northern Québec in Canada – so yes, I am French-Canadian. After moving over 15 times, I ended up spending most of my life in Laval, a big suburband town on the North shore of Montréal. Although I have always been good in arts, I ended up doing a bachelor degree and a master degree in Biology. As a child, I trained to become a gymnist (I was awarded the title of “Gymnist of the Year” in Montreal in 1984). After that, my passion was horses and I did horseback riding weekly for 8 years till back aches stopped me. I was always watching cartoons on TV, playing with my dolls or reading fantasy books… Just like most people in the anime communities, I was bullied at school for my nerdy looks and ackwardness until very late in life.

In my late teen years, I started to sing my heart out on Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston songs. I must have been terrible as my parents sent me to take some singing classes. I performed twice with the school until I moved out on my own for university and couldn’t afford classes of any kind anymore.

This is when I started to watch Sailor Moon on YTV. I became one of Québec’s expert in “Sailor Moon” and soon ended up in Japan to attend the musical shows of Sailor Moon, called SeraMyu. I was extremely active on the web, having websites, message boards and so on. This is also when I started to sing in Japanese, and French adaptations of anime songs. Along the creation of CHORALE SAILOR, I also started Chorale Sailor Production which ended up being the largest FANDUBBING team online at the time. In 2005,  I produced my very last fandub and retired from fandubbing. My next project was to record jpop songs in studio. A total of 10 songs were recorded between 2004 and 2006 for my first CD cover. I learned a great deal in studio – way more than with my singing teacher back in the days. It was a great EYE opener that if I wanted to be good, above average, I needed to work my stuff.

Then,  Irulanne & Friends 2006 was created for the new upcoming Montreal anime Convention – Otakuthon. It did not took long for me to realize that singing live and rehearsing all day was more difficult than expected. I started to train my voice with some methods bought online. I did vocal training 20 min per day, every day till 2008. My vocal range expended to 4 octaves and although singing for hours had always been an issue for me, I was able to go through the Iru & Friends practices, not damage my voice and still be able to talk the next day. It builded up my singing confidence and therefore, was able to perform and record challenging songs. For Otakuthon 2007, I created, directed and hosted Otakuthon Idol 2007, which continued ever since thanks to my careful and experienced planning.

During all the “Irulanne & Friends” era, I was given the nickname of “Red Ranger” as my friends would saw me as the fearless and resourcefull leader of the group. Those were great times for me as I was able to build long lasting friendships with the girls. After Irulanne and Friends 2006, 2007, my AC-Cubed show and our Montreal Matsuri performance, I moved to Calgary Alberta to be with my soulmate, Mark. New relationships, new home and new job, I still ended up performing at Otakuthon 2008 for the Idol event. I got married in February 2009 and got pregnant right away. Meanwhile, I was involved with Mark’s improv team The 404s, going with him to several conventions accross the country to promote the group’s activities. My daughter Kara was born on November 22nd 2009. I was then re-invited by Otakuthon in 2010 for their 5th anniversary to perform at the OP ceremony, the JMM show and be a guest judge for the idol event. We used the occasion to do a “Irulanne & Friends Reunion” where we performed all together for one very last time.

Motherhood and self-employment has kept me busy ever since but I still pursued song recording, and for the first time, song writing. I started to work on original material (songs in French, English and Japanese!) along being invited to perform as a Guest to Vancouver’s new anime convention “Anime Revolution” in 2012. I also stepped into the professional circle with my contract as a vocalist for the theme song of the videogame Heileen 3, a special participation to an anime remix album (to be announced early 2013) and a Japanese song to be featured on a demo album released in Hong Kong. My next Guest appareance will be Ganime 2013 and I will be once more, Toronto’s Anime North Idol Director. Meanwhile, I am always on the look out for more opportunities to sing or join a group of people with similar jpop and anime song interests. I also offer my services in coaching other groups and amateurs song recordings in my home studio :)