Tsuki No Uta – Moonbow (Gekkou) Cover

I am once again very proud to present a new cover from Tsuki No Uta!

Song: MOONBOW (Gekkou)
Anime: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal
Artist: Momoiro Clover Z

Tsuki No Uta” is an online Sailor Moon Song Cover group of 8 vocalists from across Canada and the United States.

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Tsuki No Uta ~ MOON PRIDE cover (Sailor Moon Crystal)

Probably the most ambitious cover ever from newly created cover group Tsuki No Uta!

Tsuki No Uta is currently composed of 8 vocalists from Canada and the USA.

Anime: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal
Original artist: Momoiro Clover Z

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Tsuki No Uta ~ Debut Song!

After intense auditions, I finally picked the vocalists that would compose the First Generation of Tsuki No Uta, the new online Sailor Moon Song Cover group!

The vocalists are Irulanne, Prissi, Skye, Eipuriruu, Mink, Moegan, Moonlight and Diagnosed!

I mixed all the auditions to produce the group’s first song “Moonlight Densetsu”.

We are currently working on our next song plus artwork for the new upcoming website and all the social media accounts.

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Note that Auditions are always open and we are looking at adding more vocalists to the group as we go along and take on new projects. ENJOY! :)



Fighter4Luv Fandub – Sailor Stars Episode 9 (#175) – Check out the ending! :)

For more information, refer to my previous post about the fandub!

FROZEN’s “Let it Go” ~ French cover!

I went to see Disney’s FROZEN with my family last week-end.

We absolutely loved it. And so the beautiful songs.

If you haven’t heard it by now, the main theme song for the movie is called “Let it Go” and is performed by Idina Menzel, who plays the tourmented Snow Queen Elsa. The movie had been out for only a few days that covers had already started to pop-up on Youtube, due to the karaoke version being readily available on iTunes.

In the back of my mind, I also wanted to cover this extremely challenging song – but it kind of discouraged me to know that I would had to take and accept criticism for my French accent coming through my vocals in that potential cover.  This is when I found out that France had also released their own version of the song with the French release of the movie. It took me 2 days to learn, record and mix my vocals, and one additional day to polish the song and make the video.

I covered difficult and challenging songs over the past few years but nothing like that one. I accepted ages ago that I was not a “belter” (you know, think Christina Aguilera, Lea Michelle, Charice…) and to just make the best of my voice with what I had – and by happy with it. But covering that song gave me back some vocal confidence I had lost along the way. I am aware my cover is not perfect but how could it be when I am recording in an office, with below-standard recording equipment, a laptop and Ntrack Studio? Disney artists spend days in professional recording booths, with vocal coaches and highly paid sound engineers who can work little miracles with whatever comes out of someone’s mouth.

All that to say that I am pretty proud of myself :)






NHK – We Love Japanese Songs! 2014

EDIT: Moonlight Densetsu has finally been added with a bunch of new entries!

You can watch it here! http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/songs/aVideo.html?lang=en+1129

Thank you to all of those who took the time to watch my videos – and vote.

I have no clue how or when the winner(s) will be selected – and what we can expect in terms of prizes – but I’ll let you know for sure! ^_^


I learned about this singing contest only 3 days ago and hours away from the submission deadline!

In its second year, “NHK We Love Japanese Songs” let people from outside Japan record little clips of themselves singing the Japanese song of their choice. The clips are then featured on the website for everyone to watch, vote and share.

Last Friday morning, I recorded 3 clips – Moonlight Densetsu, Fuyu no Uta (Kiroro) and Time Goes By (Every Little Thing) and submitted them. Its only this morning that two of my clips were finally published on the website. Funny that they edited them to less than a minute each. When I watched the other entries, most were the equivalent of one verse and one chorus, so most of the songs were about one minute and 30 sec. I based my recordings on that frame as well… Oh well, they kept the best parts so its all good :)

VOTING is open till December 8th (or one day before for anyone in North America). I am pretty sure the number of votes is not the sole factor in determining a winner but I am sure it can help getting the judges’s attention! We are also only two contestants from Canada and I’d like to be supported by as many Canadians as possible lol!

Click on the images below to go directly to the page!

Enjoy =D (and Thank you!!)