versailles no bara

Versailles no Bara / Lady Oscar ~ “Bara wa Utsukushiki Chiru” cover :)

Lady Oscar aka “Versailles no Bara” was probably one of the first anime I was exposed to when I was a child. It was playing in French on the kid’s TV channel back when I was around 8 years old. Its the powerful and tragic story of a young woman forced to dress as a man and act as a solder in the French army a few years before the French Revolution. Versailles no Bara is still incredibly popular in Japan and has inspired the first musicals of the Takarazuka Revues. Although never adapted in English (A SHAME) this anime of the 70s is a world-known classic that every anime fan outthere should watch at least once. Its easy to get subtitled episodes.

After my friend Yota shared with me his karaoke version of the song (an original version was never released), I decided to record the song. I will also perform it live in a week for the Japanese New Year Party in town.

Enjoy :)