In order to audition and be accepted for this group, you will need:
1. Excellent recording gear and the ability to produce high quality vocal-only tracks/lines with no added effects and NO background noises.
2. To be very reliable, mature and capable of respecting deadlines for vocal tracks (usually 3 to 4 weeks per song). You also need to be willing to re-do lines if asked to do so. Every vocalist is not expected to participate in every song but a minimum of participation will be required. Flaky vocalists, those delaying projects and those going MIA do not survive in this group.
3. Strong Singing Talent. Being able to record harmonies is also a bonus.
4. A nice personality. This group is not a place for divas, drama-queens, trolls and self-absorbed/self-entitled individuals. If you are the kind of person to lose your sleep and butcher your lines because you were not assigned a solo in the current project, you won’t survive in this group.
5. To be a girl. Or have a female type of voice. Sorry guys.
6. To have an active Facebook account. Projects will be mainly discussed on a private Facebook group.
7. A good Japanese pronunciation.
8. You need mixing skills as you will be required to mix your own tracks before submitting your vocals for a song (one-shot recordings are not accepted. You can only submit the best of your best).
9. You need to be able to record yourself singing in HD 720 for our video projects.
10. Unconditional love for Sailor Moon — or at least, some knowledge of the musicography of the franchise.
You think you have it all? Wanna join this awesome group?
What you have to do is simple: Record high quality music-free vocals for Moonlight Densetsu (short OP version ~1:30 in length). Your audition should tell us if your recording quality, your singing and pronunciation are good enough.
Send your audition to : IRULANNE @ HOTMAIL.COM
Thank you and Good Luck!