TnU Mink

Languages: French, English and I sing in Japanese.

Where you are from: I grew up in Repentigny ; it’s a little town near Montreal.

Where you live: I currently live in Montreal, Canada.

Social Media Links:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF3AVOe-4ko

Singing experience: It all started with 6 years of singing lessons. Then, I became a soloist in the choir of my High school. In 2013, I won Otakuthon idol with April and Emilie, so we sang the opening ceremony of this convention last year. I also sang 5 japanese songs with different groups in J-music in motion, which is another musical show of Otakuthon. I really love to sing, especially with other people.

What you do for Tsuki No Uta : I sing with everyone.

Professional status : I work in a clothes shop near my apartment.

Likes: Freedom, fairies, cosplay and mangas.

Dislikes: Cold and dirt.

Hobbies: Badminton, flute and watching animes of magical girls.

Blood Type: B

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Favorite color: White

Favorite Sailor Senshi:  Sailor Venus

How you got into Sailor Moon / why you love Sailor Moon : When I was twelve, my best friend showed me all there is to know about Sailor Moon. She lent me her 18 mangas of Sailor Moon, then we watched the 200 episodes together. We sang the endings of the anime and the Sera Myu songs. Then, we wrote a play about Sailor Moon, hoping to show it to kids because unfortunately, Sailor Moon isn’t that popular where we live. I still hope to be part of a Sailor Moon musical someday…

Favorite animes and TV shows : AKB0048, Chobits and Game of thrones.