TnU Moegan

Languages: English and French

Where you are from / where you live: Montreal, QC

Social Media Links:

Singing experience:
- Church choir when I was in elementary school
- School Harmony when I was in high school
- 1st Gen member of “Irulanne & Friends” and participated in all of the live shows (Otakuthon 2006, 2007 & 2010; AC Cubed 2007 & Japan Matsuri Festival 2007)
- Member of the trio singing group “Fireflies” who performed at Nadeshicon in 2012
- Otakuthon closing ceremony in 2011 and opening ceremony in 2012
- Performed two concerts at G-Anime in 2012 & 2013
- Otakuthon Idol finalist in 2007
- Winner of G-Idol in 2012

What you do for Tsuki No Uta: Sing & provide some harmonies. I’m also going to be producing the video for one of our next upcoming songs, but I can’t say which one yet…..spoilers tongue emoticon

Professional status: Educator at a private daycare

Likes: Raspberries, poutine, root beer, tulips, water and ice (because one I can swim in and the other I can skate on ^_^) and I absolutely love the smell of arenas….the ice skating rink kind (I’m weird I know, but it’s my favorite smell, what can I say ><)

Dislikes: Hypocrisy, dishonesty & snakes

Hobbies: Singing, swimming, ice skating, rollerblading, playing video games (like FFXIV), watching movies & TV series, reading and staffing at conventions (particularly those that have to do with anime and comics/superheroes)

Blood Type: A+

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Favorite color: Red

Favorite Sailor Senshi: Sailor Moon

How you got into Sailor Moon / why you love Sailor Moon: I started watching Sailor Moon when I was 14 years old and it was airing here on YTV. It was my first experience watching Japanese animation….it was different than other cartoons I’d seen and the characters were about my age which made me really interested and connect with them. I grew attached to the beautiful, clumsy and yet strong Serena/Sailor Moon since I saw in some of her traits similarities with me. And OK, OK, I’ll admit it, like most girls who watched the series, I too had a crush on Darien/Tuxedo Mask as well, the mysterious dark haired man (he was my first anime crush and my second was Kusanagi from Blue Seed, haha!) I also love the music, songs and transformations/powers scenes (Moon Scepter Elimination!)

Favorite animes and TV shows: I don’t watch much anime anymore like I used to, but aside from Sailor Moon which is nostalgic and a classic for me, my personal favorite anime is Blue Seed. As for my favorite TV shows, well I’m presently practically obsessed with Doctor Who and Game of Thrones.