Languages: English primarily, enough Cantonese to get by, less Spanish, and odds and ends of various other languages
- Where you are from / where you live: I was born in Malaysia, but I have lived most of my life in California!

- Social Media Links
Tumblr: prissi /
Twitter: @midfallsong
YouTube: prissi

- Singing experiences: I was in the children’s choir at church when I was young! I have no formal training; it’s all straight from my heart.

- What you do for Tsuki No Uta : Singing~

- Professional status : I’m a child neurology fellow at a super busy children’s hospital in California.

- Likes: Food~ strawberry milk tea and egg pudding, honeydew milk tea and boba, fried fish balls on a stick, burrata and rich ripe tomatoes, roast duck, mochi. Cone snails, conotoxins, neuroscience. Musical theatre, piano x cello, traipsing through an enchanted forest, breathing in & just being.

- Dislikes: Fake people, late calls for consultations, 28-hour calls

- Hobbies: Cosplay, voice acting, singing, video games

- Blood Type: O-

Astrological Sign: Libra

Favorite color: All things iridescent & prismatic~ though if we’re sticking to RGB colors, white, pinks and purples

Favorite Sailor Senshi: Sailormoon, of course!

How you got into Sailor Moon / why you love Sailor Moon: To make a very long story short — in the autumn of 2000, I was in an AIM chat room with friends who needed someone to do lines for Sailormercury in a parody called Sailormoon Schizo. I discovered the musicals (Seramyu) not long afterwards and as they say, the rest is history — incidentally, that’s how I got into making silly voices and recording my singing.

Sailormoon stands up for and selflessly gives of herself to help others, despite the cost. She holds onto hope even when things seem bleak. She believes that everyone has kindness within. She trusts in the power of her love to dispel anger and hatred, choosing instead to purify and heal. In my role as a healer, a physician — with patients and families, no matter how difficult, she reminds me to seek the kindness in others, to never lose hope, and to keep fighting for those who cannot.

Favorite animes and TV shows: Sailormoon, Sailormoon Crystal, Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar