TnU Skye

 – Languages: English
– Where you are from: Everett, Washington
– Social Media Links:–H78F0Sg (At last I made myself a youtube channel!)
- Singing experience: Absolutely none, but I make up for it with doing the best I can! Unless singing at 3 AM and accidentally waking everyone up counts, because I’ve got loads of experience doing that…
- What you do for Tsuki No Uta: Vocals and (soon) artwork
– Professional status: College student
– Likes: Cute animals, Rilakkuma, looking at cool street fashions, and window shopping
– Dislikes: Strong tasting foods, summer weather (but not summer break), and raspberries
– Hobbies: Singing lots, reading fiction books, and trying to improve my drawing
– Blood Type: AB
– Astrological Sign: Taurus
– Favorite color: Green
– Favorite Sailor Senshi: Saturn
- How you got into Sailor Moon: I started watching it with my older cousin when I was very little, back when it was airing on TV in the late 90s. My grandma would record the showings for me on VHS tapes while I was in school (and luckily I still have a couple of them left!) Since then, I’ve always loved the series as it’s not only an amazing show, but I hold it close to my heart.
– Favorite animes and TV shows: Sailor Moon (of course!), Aikatsu!, Skip Beat, Shinsekai Yori, and pretty much any movie from Studio Ghibli, Mamoru Hosoda, or Makoto Shinkai.